About the Project

Our client from Europe, highlighted that interoperability is a challenge in Healthcare. Patient data does not travel with patients and remains with healthcare providers’ databases. This creates information islands and healthcare providers are not able to access all of the patient’s data when needed. Their idea was to create a system that intends to store optimum patient data centrally using Blockchain and provide ability for patients to assign time bound access to clinicians.


  • Angular
  • Ethereum

”The solution enabled our client to securely share their data with various medical practitioners using Block Chain and provided access management to hospitals and doctors.”


  • Access of Patient Records by Patient
  • Control in Sharing of Patient Records for Patient
  • Data not Available for Other Healthcare Providers
  • Interoperability in Health Care in Critical


  • Central Storage of Optimum Patient Data using Block chain Technology
  • Ability to Assign Time Bound Access to Clinicians by Patients
  • Diagnosis Data Sharing using Block Chain (Vault)
  • Scope for Doctors, Hospitals & Medical Institutions to Register
  • Notification System to Notify Practitioners, Centers and Patients


Ease in Access of Diagnosis
Highly Secured Service
Secure Access of Highly Confidential Information
Data Available to All Practitioners